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The Prospects and State of Today’s Sociolinguistics – A Scientific Conference at SEEU

“Debates like this one today contribute to the linguistic communication within a community and among different communities; and they prove the old saying of our distinguished scholar Eqrem Çabej ‘the place that the Albanian people took through the centuries, in the shores of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, has determined the historic fate of their language and culture’” said Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, during the opening of the conference at SEEU.

The international scientific conference was organised by South East European University in a continuing collaboration with distinguished scholars from the Academy of Sciences of Albania, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Korça, the University of Prishtina, the University of Elbasan and the University College of International Relations and Diplomacy of Zagreb.

Academician Emil Lafe, in his opening address, stated: "I am honoured to be in this centre of Albanian knowledge and culture. This University is an example for other universities for the importance that it gives to science and scientific research”.

The conference continued its work in plenary sessions throughout the entire day (1st November), during which the conference participants presented their papers.

Some of the topics discussed were: Albanianprovincial dialect dictionaries as a basis of present sociolinguistic studies; language use by youth in social networks as a sociolinguistic aspect of communication; population migration from Macedonia; ethnic studies; Languageas a basic element in the formation of identity in Renaissance Literature; the use of symbols and signs in electronic communications; and the linguistic and patriotic values in the Arbëresh lectures by Gjovalin Shkurtaj.

It is expected that the proceedings of this conference will be published in the near future as an important scientific resource for different scholars as well as younger colleagues and students.