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Socialization in the Sharr Mountains

A group of students, enthusiasts and members of the South East European University staff, early in October took the opportunity for a recreational walk on Sharr Mountain—from Sunny Hill (Popova Shapka) to the Sidoll’s Stone.

The SEEU Sports Department, working again in collaboration with various university clubs to organize similar activities, creates these activities with the intention of cultivating friendship and building the physical health of participants, said Menan Memedi, Head of the Department.

“Besides the recreational part, students and staff had the opportunity to socialize amongst themselves in a relaxing atmosphere outside the amphitheatres and classrooms" said the President of the SEEU Alpine club, Ass. Prof. Dr. Artan Luma. The SEEU Alpine club was co-organizer of this recreational walk.

The path was very interesting, with much of the natural beauty that Sharr Mountain offers. Students, but particularly those who are not from Tetovo, said that such activities enable them to get familiarized with the city more easily, to acknowledge the beauty of the surrounding nature and, most importantly, to socialize spontaneously in these natural conditions.