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Student Parliament and Student Ombudsperson in Service of Students

SEEU’s student Ilir Rexha is now the first elected President of Student Parliament and Association and SEEU student Valdete Pajaziti was elected the Student Ombudswoman.

The President of Student Parliament and Association was elected on December 4, 2012, while the Student Ombudswoman was elected with direct elections by all SEEU students.

“I believe we will do different activities that will revitalize student life on campus. We will try to do activities in which all students will find themselves, by inspiring and supporting in every sphere. Above all, we are the voice of the students and will always support them and be in their service" said SEEU Student Parliament and Association President Ilir Rexha.

“I am sure that this position will allow all students the ability to express their grievances and thus to achieve satisfactory, correct and qualitative solutions, always in accordance with the South East European University rules," said SEEU Student Ombuswoman Valdeta Pajaziti.

The Student Union was the organization that represented SEEU students until the election of the Student Parliament and Association, which was established as a result of changes in the current legislation for student organization in Macedonia.

The first President of the SEEU Student Union was Elmi Aziri, followed by Ali Aliu, Amir Shabani, Agon Ferati and the last President was Pajtim Thaçi.