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Trainings to enhance academic quality

From 16-18 January academic and administrative staff trainings were organized at SEEU in various fields in order to enhance academic quality.

Quality management, research, effective communication and other important topics for staff development were the main topics of this training, in which experts in the field from the university, from the country and abroad were engaged. The January trainings were a continuation of the trainings carried out during this academic year in Krusevo and are intended to maintain and enhance professional performance of SEEU employees.

Within the January Development Programme, the winners of the awards for Learning and Teaching, and High Performance were presented.

Ms. Luiza Zeqiri, SEEU High-Lector won the Annual Award for Learning and Teaching. It is worth mentioning that all presented projects for this award were evaluated by Professor Thomas Olsson from Lund University (Sweden). The Learning and Teaching award is given for the third time at SEEU.

The winner of the Staff High Performance Award for the academic year 2011/12 is Mr. Nuriman Bejtuli, while the eleven nominees for this award were given a certificate of appreciation. The Staff High Performance Award is given for the first time at SEEU.