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SEEU Campus attractive to new students

On Monday (17 September) the Induction and Orientation Week at SEEU started for all new students enrolled in the academic year 2012/13. In a solemn ceremony, SEEU’s Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir and SEEU’s Provost Prof. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed welcomed all students.

“As you came today on this special day, you should feel special throughout the years of your study, because you will study at the university with highest and most advanced standards in the region and we can say proudly that SEEU is aligned with the Bologna process -synonymous for the deepest reforms of higher education in Europe”, said Rector Dika.

“The educational and pedagogical system at South East European University is designed to be consistent with your individual maturity, so it is adapted to your lifestyle ", said among others Rector Dika.

The South East European University Provost Prof. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed, welcomed new students by urging them to be creative, brave and hard workers in order to have a bright future.

During the Induction and Orientation Week, students were acquainted with the University infrastructure, received student identification cards, prepared their schedules and met with student advisors.

Moreover, students became acquainted with the main University services such as, Student Services, IT Service, Library, Career Centre and administration of the respective faculties where they will study.