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US Ambassador Paul Wohlers Met with SEEU Students

On Friday (8 June 2012) SEEU students had the opportunity to meet the US Ambassador HE Paul Wohlers.

Ambassador Wohlers and the students discussed various topics, mainly from the field of their profession and were informed about the higher education system in Macedonia. “Today you have gathered some assets, but now it will depend on how you are going to use these assets in your profession and career”, said among other things, Ambassador Wohlers. Students were interested about the possibility of mutual cooperation between the SEEU students and students of U.S. Universities.

Ambassador Wohlers had a separate meeting with SEEU Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika and senior university management.

Ambassador Wohlers congratulated Rector Dika and urged him to proceed with the development phases of the University at the international level.

Rector Dika briefed Ambassador Wohlers on the joint activities of the SEEU Board and University management in order to ensure study conditions of European and American higher education standards for students, but also ensuring design tools for performance measurement for the purpose of maintaining academic standards in these studies.