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Francophone Conference Held at SEEU

Aiming to promote democracy, human rights and freedom in the Francophone area, on Wednesday (23 May 2012) a conference on topic “Francophone and Democracy” was held at the South East European University.

According to the Swiss ambassador to Macedonia, Stefano Laxaroto, this conference in Tetovo is very important, because this city bears the epithet of a multilingual and multicultural city, similar to the Swiss as a Francophone country.

“The South East European University as an active part of the Francophone network not only is committed to the values which it is promoting, but in the future we aim to form study groups in French," said the SEEU Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika.

According to the participants in this conference, it is never enough to talk about democracy and human rights. Macedonia as a full member of the Organization of Francophone Countries is obliged to respect the values that​​Francophone Countries are committed to.

The Conference was organized by the SEEU Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences and the Francophone Circle from Skopje.