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ICT advantage for SEEU students

Since SEEU is well equipped with information and communication technologies, it is interesting to see the impact that this investment has had at personal and institutional level, in using these tools.

Currently South East European University offers to its students a range of electronic services for communication and effective management of teaching processes such as My SEEU, Webmail, Libri (Learning Content Management System) and the Library Catalogue.

During November-December, five Faculties conducted a survey with 306 students and some university professors.

In the study, about 80 indicators that affect various aspects of ICT usage in student life, daily activities as well as their families were considered. The range of technologies studied included different aspects such as equipment and use of computers, equipment and mobile phone use, equipment and purpose of using the Internet. Descriptive indicators associated with other aspects of student demographics, social and economic state, associated with the family and its relations with these technologies were taken into account.

The main purpose of this study is to see how equipped the students are, how they use information and communication technologies and for what purposes. The survey aimed to analyze the usage of computer/internet by students for study purposes, taking into account gender, year of study and faculty. Also, the study examined the students’ evaluation of academic staff efforts in making this culture effective for the teaching process at University level.

The survey data showed that there was a computer in almost every home: about 96% of students have at least one computer in their homes. Of those students who had a computer at home, 92.81% are connected to the Internet.

Regarding the opportunities for using computers and access to the internet at the University, students in general considered this as most positive. Factors are numerous and above all because these technologies are becoming an increasing part of everyday life, but it definitely also came from the fact that the University has done ​​a good and prudent job in the introduction of these technologies.

The main purpose for using the Internet by SEEU students was finding up to date, needed information 80%, then preparation for their studies 73%, whilst internet usage from home for their professional needs or studies was 71%.

It was positive that students with good grades evaluate the efforts that University leaders and academic staff make for improving the equipment of the University with new information and communication technologies and usage of same technologies in learning and teaching process as satisfactory. From 1 to 10, students evaluate both staff and university leaders’ efforts with 8.

More information about this paper can be found at the international journal ‘Science Series Data Report’ volume 4, no. 3.