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Competition among students for the best creative business idea

On 9 April, 2012 the Faculty of Contemporary Science and Technology, held its first competition for creative and feasible business ideas called “CST CUP”.

This competition was organized by the following students from the Faculty at SEEU as a project - Musliu, Taulant Amiti, Liridon Selmani and Besjan Fazliu, The aim of this project was to integrate and facilitate the exchange of various ideas from the third year students from different departments of the CST Faculty.

The students were separated in groups of three members, each with students from the different departments of the Faculty, in order to combine ideas from each of these departments. Their job was to work on a creative and feasible business idea and at the end present those ideas in front students, professors and the Dean.

The students ranked in the third place were: Eduart Saliji, Aferdita Papraniku and Altin Salihi; in second place were: Jeta Veliu, Behar Beqiri, and Dardan Godeni; and in first place were: Ramazan Limko, Dona Alampioska, Aleksandar Mihailoski. They won first place with the idea of SMS Automation System. At the end, certificates were given to all participants and medals for the three first places.

Arlind Musliu, one of the organizers commented that, “We were glad to work together as a team and make this competition successful. We had the chance to meet new people, bring something interesting, learn new things and see how well we could work with people that we didn't know. We worked really hard and with the continuous help of Doc.Dr. Bekim Fetaji, the Dean of CST, we made it. The best thing was that we combined our ideas, and why continue our collaboration and sell a brilliant business idea.

Students of the faculty of Contemporary Science and Technologies hope that this competition would continue as a tradition each year because this was a very interesting project, during which students got to know each other better and learned to work together on innovative ideas.