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Testing for merit base scholarships

For the academic year 2012/2013, SEEU has provided 146 scholarships for prospective students.

On 22nd April 2012, there were testing opportunities for these merit based scholarships in Tetovo and Skopje. This followed a promotional campaign to publicise the scholarships with high school students.

In the first testing, over 200 high school graduates competed for 60 merit base scholarships. Because the aim is to award scholarships to the best students, one of the criteria was that only high school students who have an average grade of 4.5 could apply for testing. Depending on the faculty/study programme high school graduates were tested in mathematics, or native language and everyone had to write an essay.

Another part of the financial assistance program is the Work and Study Programme, where, like other years during this academic year, will benefit about 100 students.