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Study programmes in line with labour market needs

The South East European University in Tetovo has promoted its new academic offer for the academic year 2012/2013. Prospective students should expect a series of innovations not only in terms of study programs but also in terms of scholarships.

Besides the traditional study programmes, students will be able to choose new study programs in 2012/2013, such as

International Communication that is one of the latest study programme offered to all prospective students who see themselves working in international organizations, diplomatic missions, government institutions and the NGO sector.

The Faculty of Business and Economics will offer the following study programmes: Management and Economics within the framework of this program, through elective modules students will determine the profile and direction (management, marketing, finance, etc..), Information Systems and Management and the new study programme Agribusiness that represents a mixture of preparing students for business, by using latest methods of business management and agriculture.

The Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science will offer the following study programmes: Public Administration, Political Science and Leadership and Community Youth Work.

The Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies will offer the following study programmes: Business Informatics, Media Informatics and Computer Engineering.

The Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication will offer the following study programmes: English Language and Literature, Albanian Language and Literature, German Language and Literature.

The Faculty of Law will offer the following study programmes: Law, and Criminology and Security.