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SPA Election 2019/20

Dear Students,

The Election Commission has reviewed all SPA applications.  Attached is the list of candidates.

The dates for voting are:

  • Tetovo and Skopje undergraduate students – Thursday 19th December, 10.00 - 16.00, Tetovo 807.02 and Skopje Entrance Hall

Who has the right to vote:

  • At SEEU- Tetovo Campus, on 19th December all the undergraduate students have the right to vote. Students (should have with them their valid student I.D. card) can vote for one of the candidates within their faculty.
  • At SEEU - Skopje, on 19 December all the undergraduate students (should have with them their valid student I.D. card) have a right to vote one of the candidates.

This process is monitored by the Election Commission.  Please attend and please use your vote.  The votes will be counted immediately thereafter.


Rule on the Work of the Student Ombudsperson

SPA Candidate List 2019/20

Faculty of Business and Economics (BE) Name Year of study
Rafis Xhelili 1st year (Undergraduate)
Sellma Ademi 1st year (Undergraduate)
Arbr Ajdini 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Erand Shala 3+1 (Undergraduate)

Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies (CST) Name Year of study
Rina Behadini 1st year (Undergraduate)
Sefer Shaqiri 1st year (Undergraduate)
Arjon Fejzula 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Vanesa Veselaj 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Flaktrim Zhuta 3rd year (Undergraduate)

Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication (LCC) Name Year of study
Agron Demiri 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Liridon Saliu 3rd year (Undergraduate)

Faculty of Law (LAW) Name Year of study
Adem Jashari 1st year (Undergraduate)
Berat Recani 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Emine Fetahi 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Berat Murtezani 3rd year (Undergraduate)
Xhevahir Rexhepi 3rd year (Undergraduate)
Belkis Latifi Master
Argjend Ibraimi Master
Fat Mustafa Master
Shpati Croj Master

Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences (CSS) Name Year of study
Valon Abdija 1st year (Undergraduate)
Xheladin Alimani 2nd year (Undergraduate)
Fatime Tale 3rd year (Undergraduate)

Skopje Campus Name Year of study
Anida Ademi 2nd year (Undergraduate-LAW)
Faton Halili 2nd year (Undergraduate-BE)
Xheneta Sopa 3rd year (Undergraduate-BE)
Bujar Sopa 3+1 year (Undergraduate-CSS)
Diellza Alili Master (CSS)

Best wishes and Good Luck.
Andrew Goodspeed
Chair, SEEU Election Monitoring Commission