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TOEFL® ITP Preparation

TOEFL® ITP Preparation at SEE University

SEE University offers TOEFL preparation course. For further information regarding this course please contact

Below is a short description of the preparation course offered at SEE University.

Rationale:The purpose of this course is to train potential test takers of the TOEFL examination. The goal of this course is to teach test takers how to maximize their TOEFL scores.
Course Description: This course will run for six weeks. Each week will have two classes. Each class will run for two hours. Thus, four hours of classes per week multiplied by six weeks totals 24 classroom hours.
Course objective: The objective of this course is to teach various testing techniques which will improve the overall skills level of each test taker. Also, this course is designed to increase the test taker’s vocabulary and to teach them how to write using Standard English Format.
Course organization: The TOEFL test contains four sections; writing, speaking, listening and reading. Each section will be covered during this course equally. Thus, three class or six hours will be devoted to each section beginning with the writing section.